Details, Details, Details!

We feel it's the details that keep our customers satisfied

and coming back time after time. From making sure the

machines we are rebuilding turn test to less than .003

total tolerance to making sure the paint job looks like

you just bought a brand new machine, we strive for

quality from start to finish. It's only possible because 99%

of the work is done in-house, enabling us to oversee

each part of the process.

Tooling Connection has been servicing the screw

machine industry for over 20 years in reconditioning,

rebuilding and remanufacturing National Acme and

Davenport machines. And with over 150 years of

combined experience, we feel we have the knowledge

and expertise to handle any job, large or small.

Tooling Connection is also leading the way in innovations in the industry.

We pioneered and built the first Computer Controlled Acme

with SPC capability and production reporting to your ISO 9000 programs,

along with a .9 second index on the 1 1/4 RA-6 and a .7 second

index on the 9/16 and 1" RA-6 increasing production up

to 25%. Tooling Connection is continually bringing these

types of concepts into reality. With our engineering and

drafting department, we can design special attachments

and tooling for a variety of machines.